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Activities for a Happy and Healthy Toddler

If you are a parent, you have probably experienced this problem. Your child is being defiant, doesn't listen to you, won't eat what you want them to eat or even won't wear what you put out for them. This is the phase in child development known as the terrible twos. While not all children are terrible, and many do not cause problems, it brings up the need for proper development during the toddler years. While making sure your toddler develops properly is not a guarantee that he or she will not be a problem during their terrible twos, it is important on how they end up.

The toddler age group is considered from the age of 1 - 3 years old. This age group spans from walking to developing speech and thought processes. It is probably one of the most important stages and lays the foundation of future development.

But how do you get a healthy and happy toddler? There are many factors involved in the development of toddlers. They include having a good and healthy diet, getting adequate amounts of exercise and challenging them with games and activities to bolster brain development.

To help parents and others interested in providing your toddler with the needed opportunities for growth, we have provided a number of informational websites. Please check them out and hopefully you will see your toddler grow up and flourish.

Written by: Ben Thompson