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Spend Less When Buying Used Play Equipment

Used and recycled playground equipment is a highly queried phrase online. Many organizations cannot afford to purchase new equipment and must resort to buying used. Although we are not in the business of selling used playgrounds, we have assisted at no charge many organizations in the search and purchase of recycled playground equipment.

Where to Buy Used: One of the biggest problems with buying anything used is there is no warranty, no instructions, no real guide to understand what you are getting, and if it is a good deal. Many school corporations remove equipment after a certain amount of time, for instance, on a 10-15 year cycle. This equipment is generally salvaged and put into a central storing facility until it is sold, recycled, or disposed.

Problems with Used: Such equipment is generally rusted, no longer meets current safety codes, or has a problem causing the removal. Just the removal of playground equipment from the ground can harm the integrity of the posts and decks. How does this happen? Most posts are installed in concrete footings. Some footing can be 300-400 pounds per post. This weight can cause the steel to bend slightly and various other problems unseen can occur. In addition, the integrity of the original assembly hardware is questionable. Often all of the hardware needs replacement.

Seek Professional Advice: When purchasing recycled playground equipment, be sure to take photos before you buy. Send them to a certified playground contractor or safety consultant such as We will be able to give you an honest opinion as to whether the purchase is wise. Playground equipment evolves on a regular basis. As a result, finding matching components and replacement parts can be a challenge should anything be missing or in need of replacement.