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Turning Used Plastic Containers into Playgrounds for Children

In recent years, an emphasis on using recycled plastic or recycle-based products has gained momentum. As the raw materials of recycled plastic playground equipment come from waste products, the process is actually beneficial. The transformation of milk jugs into posts and decks on playground equipment is unique. The recycled plastic posts come in various sizes and colors.

Molding: Producing a recycled plastic post is an interesting process. First, the material must be brought in, generally milk jugs that have been cleaned and flattened. The materials are put into multiple shredding machines that chip the plastic into small particles. Through a heating process, the material and a coloring agent bond together. The result is a post with the same color throughout, not painted like steel.

Assembling: The machine for making the recycled plastic posts for playground equipment is a lengthy one. The equipment extrudes the recycled plastic into specific post sizes that are cut to length and sorted. The production process takes little time, but due to the high demand of the raw material, the recycled plastics can be costly. Once the material is cut to size, the end products are assembled to make components such as decks, bridges, roofs, or outdoor furniture.

Milk Jugs for Playgrounds: Can you donate jugs for a discount on a recycled plastic playset? Absolutely! If you have an old recycled plastic playground you can recycle it too! Remember that a small bench will use around 500 milk jugs. A larger playground structure can use over 70,000 jugs. Donations of jugs must be cleaned of secondary products such as paper, pressed, and delivered to the factory. The result of a recycled plastic playground is one that will not rust, splinter, peel, or crack while saving landfill space.