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Your Guide to Plan an Indoor Playground

Playground equipment for indoors is highly specialized to meet the requirements of indoor use through manufacturing and design. Padded post covers, specially woven safety netting, and fully enclosed designs are a few of many features specific to indoor playground equipment. We understand a child's safety is important when designing an indoor playground.

Public Fun & Safety: Offering indoor play provides children a source of enjoyment and activity that might otherwise not be available due to inclement weather, security, and available space. When planning an indoor play area, remember that public playground spaces should provide safety surfacing to reduce injuries from falls. Indoor surfaces include rubber tiles and poured-in-place.

Access Indoor Area: Begin the process of planning for an indoor playground by measuring the available space including access to the room, ceiling height, doors, fire exits, lighting, and other site restrictions. These site-specific obstacles provide a basic starting point in design and selection of the play equipment. If not considered, this important step will lead to improper selection of equipment.

Customize Play: At one can choose from several standard designs that offer play value for children ages 2 through 12. Standard designs come with slides, multiple levels for crawling, and activity panels. Theme events are available to create a one-of-a-kind indoor playground for organizations able to make the investment.